Steampunk Pipes 3d Kit (.FBX - .OBJ - .BLEND for Cycles and Eevee)

Davide Tirindelli
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Steampunk Pipes Kit containing 30 different 3d models.

Formats available: .FBX .OBJ and .BLEND for Blender with Cycles materials (at least 2.79 as principled shader is required) & 2.80 with a premade Eevee demo.

This link should provide the package for free at 0+ directly from gumroad: - if not working please try refreshing the page a couple of times, and if still getting issues let me know here:

High resolution pictures here

Before August 2018 i used to set all my products to 0+ price but now it appears that the gumroad policy has changed, and 0+ allows only 25mb max as project size. Any of my projects that fit inside that range wil stay 0+, for the others i will always set the price to 1+, the bare minimum.

License type: everything allowed (commercial and non-commercial) except resell (both original and modified form)

By downloading the model files you agree to the following license terms:

These files and all the assets inside are free for all personal and commercial uses with the exception of reselling: the models (original or modified forms) can not be sold at any price, and cannot be included in other asset packs that are sold at any price.

It would be much appreciated if appropriate credit was given to the original creator, with links to the place where the model was downloaded from. If you plan to redistribute the models for free (original or modified form), write me, explain what you have in mind and we can sure talk about it.

Anything else that does not involve models reselling or redistributing is fully supported: if you want to use the models in this file to create commercial pictures, or videos, or games that's great - the only thing i forbid is redistributing or reselling any of the models (original or modified form) without permission; every other commercial project you're working on will have my full support, always for free!

If you want to support more projects like this you can make a donation, half of which will go to charity (children, sick and elderly people in underdeveloped parts of the world): in that case any amount you choose is much appreciated and we will all be very thankful for it. But don't feel obliged, my goal is to always make the files available to anyone and money must never to be an obstacle.

Hope you like this project and that it can be useful in some way, thank you very much for visiting!

A final thing, you can also follow me, and my upcoming projects, on facebook and instagram, and my making of videos on youtube

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